The Bordjomi-Kharagauli National Park covers about 8% of the total territory of Georgia and is one of the largest natural parks in Europe. The diversity of physical, geographical and especially climatically conditions of Borjomi-Kharagauli has shaped the wealth and variety of its flora and fauna.
Apart from the largely untouched nature of Borjom-Kharagauli, there are numerous cultural monuments that give the visitors a chance to get engrossed into the unique world of Orthodox Christianity. In particular, there are two easily accessible churches dating back to the 9th century.
At present eight tourist trails are officially operating in the national park, most of which are open to visitors from either April or May until October. They vary in length, duration and complexity and allow visitors to choose them according to their personal liking, professional and physical abilities. The trails are registered at the Rescue and Escort Service of Georgia.


Route 1. From Kharagauli settlement (Borjomi district) to Marelisi village (Kharagauli district). Route length (one direction): 39-41 km, min 2 overnight stays in the National Park.
Route 2. From Marelisi Ranger Shelter (Kharagauli district) via Amarati tourist shelter to Atskuri Ranger Station (Akhaltsikhe district). Route length (one direction): 49-51km, min. 3 overnight stay s in the National Park.
Route 3. Round Trip from Atskuri Ranger Sation via Amarati tourist shelter.Route length (one direction): 30-31km, min 2 overnights stay in the National Park.
Route 4. From Zanavi ranger station (Borjomi district) to Nunisi ranger station (Kharagauli district). Route length (one direction): 12-13km, min 2 overnights stay in the National Park.
Route 5. Round trip from Abastumani ranger station (Adigeni district) via Didmagala. Route length 31 km, min 2 overnights stay in the National Park.
Route 6. Day trip from Likani Settlement (Borjomi district) to Kvabiskhevi ranger shelter (Borjomi district). Route length(one direction): 12-13 km.
Route 7. Round trip from Borjomi national Park Administration via the Chapel. Route length :3km.
Route 8. Round trip from sakhvlari Tourist shelter via river Meghruli gorge (so-called Stepuri Chala). Route length: 5.5km from Sakhvlari.