Rioni is the river of the west Georgia. It begins from the Caucasus mountain Pazisi This river was called Pazis in ancient Colchi. It’s length is 335 klm. Its waterway is very good for professionals of rafting. The most beautiful grove of Rioni is very interesting for amateur ethnographs, The river Rioni passes Racha, Lechkhumi, Imereti, Guria, Samegrelo regions and flows into the Black Sea in the port town Poti.

Five day Rafting Program on the river Rioni
Racha, Lechkhumi, Imereti Regions

Day 1. Drive from Kutaisi to Ambrolauri. Horseback riding in Racha, Ambrolauri, Likheti-Utavi and Shovi. Drive from Shovi to Oni by car.
Days 2-3. Rafting on the River Rioni from Oni to Alpana. Stay in camp.
Days 4-5. Alpana-Zhoneti. Drive back to Kutaisi.