Horse Riding Routes Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park:

Route 1. From Likani settlement (Borjomi district) to Marelisi village (Kharagauli district). Route length (one direction): 39-41 km, min 2 overnight stays in the National Park.
Route 2. From Marelisi Ranger Shelter (Kharagauli district) via Amarati tourist shelter to Atskuri Ranger Station (Akhaltsikhe district). Route length (one direction): 49-51km, min. 3 overnight stay s in the National Park.
Route 3. Round Trip from Atskuri Ranger Sation via Amarati tourist shelter.Route length (one direction): 30-31km, min 2 overnights stay in the National Park.
Route 4. From Zanavi ranger station (Borjomi district) to Nunisi ranger station (Kharagauli district). Route length (one direction): 12-13km, min 2 overnights stay in the National Park.
Route 5. Round trip from Abastumani ranger station (Adigeni district) via Didmagala. Route length 31 km, min 2 overnights stay in the National Park.
Route 6. Day trip from Likani Settlement (Borjomi district) to Kvabiskhevi ranger shelter (Borjomi district). Route length(one direction): 12-13 km.
Route 7. Round trip from Borjomi national Park Administration via the Chapel. Route length :3km.
Route 8. Round trip from sakhvlari Tourist shelter via river Meghruli gorge (so-called Stepuri). Route length: 5.5km from Sakhvlari.

Village Khani

horse riding 2-3 days

  1. The oldest Stone Spring
  2. Stone Wine press of ancient period
  3. Church of St. George IV c
  4. Church of XII c.
  5. Ritual Territory of the pagan period
  6. I, II, III, IV Waterfalls
  7. Fishing and Swimming places in River Khani
  8. Water-mill
  9. Apiary
  10. “Forest of Friendship” Which was planted by visitors from the different countries from different species of fur-trees


One-day horse riding tour: Kutaisi-Motsemeta-Gelati

Georgia, Kutaisi
Mountain Horse Riding Tour –“Along the Trails of the King David IV”
Kutaisi – a beautiful gorge of the river Rioni and reservoir – Chkahata – Motsameta Monastery VI-XI cc. – Tskaltsitela River Gorge – King David’s Cape – Gelati monastery complex XII century.
The duration of the tour is 4 hours and the length – 9 kilometers. At the end of the tour, a royal feast will be held in Motsameta. The feast will consist of the following: Georgian wine and cuisine tasting, cooking master classes. The guests will get to know Georgian folklore and traditions