There are numerous caves in western Georgia. Visitors will be able to visit the unique caves such as Prometheus, Sataplia, Navenakhevi, Tetra, Satsurblia in just a day, but if they wish, they will also have a possibility to go to Racha region  in summer season, visit Sakinule cave in village of Nikortsminda and Muradi cave and enjoy stunningly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

 Tourists in Georgia will be able to visit some of the most beautiful canyons such as Okatse, take a boat trip in Martvili Canyon, see Kinchkha waterfalls and enjoy zipline ride. The next day, tourists can go to Sairme Resort that is characterized with complexity of canyons and stunning Tskrajvari canyon. Also Zipline ride can be done in Sairme resort. If they have more time, they can visit Svaneti – the most beautiful mountainous region of Georgia, where they will see the  highest mountain system of the Caucasus.akes where you can swim. On the territory of the village Gordi river flowing leads you down to 2-5 width canyon where it is cold even in August. Okatse waterfalls with its beautiful surroundings are the favourite places for people from Khoni or Kutaisi to spend time or have a picnic. They get pleasure from this beautiful nature and at the same time drink vodka (Chkutini) made from local wild pear.