Tskhaltubo is the leading resort district of Georgia. It is widely known for mineral waters and resort infrastructure, Resort Tskaltubo is famous for its unique thermal-mineral waters, which cure more than 60 different illnesses. Tskaltubo was a very popular resort in the period of Soviet Union.150,000 tourists and holiday-makers have been visiting the resort per year. Resort Tskaltubo’s mineral waters are known to relieve illnesses. The resort possesses 23 sanatoriums with a 3,500 room capacity. At present sanatoriums are functioning with only a 300 room capacity.Tskhaltubo is the rural district.

Besides here are two sanatoriums and mineral water baths of the balneological service, which offer their service to the tourists. Tskhaltubo district is characterised with mountainous landscape, forest and mountain tracts, rich flora and fauna, caves and reserved territories.Tetra cave is used for curing asthma. The other important caves are Satsurblia, Satsevetela, Patsristavi, Bgeri. These cave are located around Tskaltubo city.