Resort Sairme is surrounded by a pine forest, which includes 19,000 hectares and plays a great role in creating its micro-climate. The Adjara-Imereti Caucasian range begins about 7-8 km. away from the pine forest.
Resort Sairme’s history is over 100 years old; it was discovered by hunter-shepherds. In 1944 the roadway between Resort Sairme and Bagdati was made. In 1946, the road was extended to the pass of Zekari, Bagdati which linked to Abastumani. Thus, the roadway became the linking road between West and East Georgia.

Resort Sairme is classified as a moderately damp resort. The area of mineral-healing waters is located in the gorge of the River Tsablari and contains 4 hectares of land. Mineral healing waters are on both banks of the River Tsablari. Mineral-healing waters N 1, N2, N4 are on the right bank of the river and mineral-healing water N3 is on the left bank.
Therapeutics in the natural water promote the exchange of calcium and magnesium; these block fats and phosphoric acid. Sulfur and phosphate lower molecular concentration that accelerates the process of the decomposition of uranium. The resources of Sairme work well on different diseases of the digestive system (gastrointestinal diseases and ulcers), diseases of the liver and gallstones. It has been established that Sairme’s natural water raises circulation, reduces blood content of toxins, neutralizes albumen levels and the exchange of some microelements.
Natural spring locations:
1. Bagdati- Boarding-house for 320 visitors.
2. Sairme- Sanatorium for 170 visitors.
3. Resting house for 40 visitors.
4. Resort “New Sairme” for 120 visitors and the boarding house “Oazisi.”
In addition to the mineral springs in resort “Udabno,” comfortable medicinal bathes are functioning.